Thursday, January 31, 2013

By 30

This time last year I wrote a list of where I wanted to be in a year. It was phrased to me that way because it wasn't necessarily supposed to be a to-do list so much as where I wanted to see myself, to have something to look forward to. The list served its purpose at the time -- to cheer me up around my birthday, it's hard when you have SAD and your birthday at once -- but to be honest, I had only looked at it a few times since. Until this week.

When I wrote the list I had just turned 28, and you may well know, birthdays are often a time for remembering all the stuff you meant to, but haven't accomplished yet. Anyway. About three-and-a-half of the five big things that I wrote actually have happened!

OK, so what's my point?

The point is, I am turning 29 today and I thought I would make another list. Because, unlike those pesky New Years resolutions, these give me positive things to look forward to for the next year, no matter how or when they happen. Just a little encouragement to know that with another year gone by, I did actually do some significant, meaningful things.

In one year (30th birthday)

-Continue towards minimalism at home, work harder to simplify
-Enjoy Naomi's first year of life, even the tough parts, it will go by fast
-Work on self-esteem, to set a good example for Naomi
-Continue to get out of debt (this makes my lists every year) & be able to save and give more
-Appreciate my family & friends more, really let them know how wonderful they are and that I love them year-round

That's it! I can't believe I will be 30 next year... 1984 has never sounded so much like ancient history! Oh well, no need to worry about that yet, I know 29 will be just fine. (Hey, I rhymed).

(Pic is me on my birthday last year :)

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aimymichelle said...

you should blog more! congrats on the baby btw.


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